Flyer, Pamphlet & Folder

Do you want to guarantee the quality of your print?

Do I need a flyer?

Today, one of the main tactics of capturing potential buyers is leafleting, it contains its summarized advertising, promotional materials that make a big difference for being flexible for the creation due to the amount of content.


As it is an advertisement with a lot of alternatives, there is no "standard" for sizes, but the most used dimensions today are:

10x15cm: Used a lot for restaurants, bars and the bottom of packaging.

15x21cm: Average size, for those who want to use a larger amount of content, used a lot for folded folders.

21x30cm: Always use this size, for making promotional inserts, fitting enough information and also used for folders with 2 folds.

To guarantee the satisfaction of your print, it must always be done by professionals in the field, count on us to be able to develop your advertisement.

Creation process

  • 1) Company and product information
  • 2) Texts for content development
  • 3) Art production and layout
  • 4) Presentation of layout for approval
  • 5) Correction and adjustments
  • 6) Final approval
  • 7) Closing file (graphic and digital)

Our flyers, pamphlets and folders have specialists for each step above, the layout, image manipulation and file closing are already included in the values, if text development is necessary, it will be quoted proportionally with linguistic development and correction.

For companies that supply graphic materials of different segments, we can register you in our list of partners.



Corresponding measure CLOSED | Measurements in CENTIMETERS (cm)
0 folds
We recommend folding over 15x21cm
Please put as much detail as possible.