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Why invest in sponsorships?

All companies can advertise online, but they need a team specialized in capturing customers and internet searchers (Google, Yahoo and Bing).

The world today is increasingly digital, do not let your company become outdated, request a budget right now, make an investment that fits in your pocket and ensure as much reach as possible to leverage your brand.

Count on our team of experts, make your mark everywhere on the internet!

Our advantages

> EFFICIENT LISTING: Our team prepares every keyword list that will link the ad to the company, service and business.

> ATTRACTIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS: The best way to attract potential customers is with interactive and attractive ads.

> CAMPAIGN TACTICS: Each company, service or product has a specific tactic to adapt and guarantee good results, our team assembles according to your need.

> FOLLOW-UP AND ADJUSTMENTS:  After publishing the ad, we will follow up to get feedback, ensuring the proper placement and implementation of your ad on the virtual network.

Creation process

  • 1) Information and content
  • 2) Texts for content development
  • 3) Presentation of layout for approval
  • 4) Correction and adjustments
  • 5) Final approval
  • 6) Publication

Our sponsored ads have a team specialized in Digital Marketing, so we will guarantee the maximum reach possible using tactics to fulfill the objective, the creation of the content, keywords and manipulation of the images are already included in the values.

For companies that supply graphic materials of different segments, we can register you in our list of partners.

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